6 Technology Trends to Check Out in 2020

6 Technology Trends to Check Out in 2020

Technology is changing faster than ever, which is creating new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. Many new trends have popped around industries that are shaping their future processes. In 2020, we are crossing another decade with disruptive technology trends. While some of the technologies have become common among people, new ones are popping with promising benefits and opportunities. Here are some trending technologies that are shaping the next decade for us.


Hyperautomation is the superior task automation technology that will enable the application of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning. It will hyper-automate the processes and augment human requirements. It will be a digital twin for organisation management. However, hyper-automation cannot replace humans, and the need for intelligent business management software will still exist.


Multi experience

So far we only know 4D, 5D, and 7D experiences from movie theatres which are not actually a true form of multi-experience technology. In 2020, we can see the idea of computing evolve from a single point of interaction to multi touchpoints and multisensory interfaces. With wearables and advanced sensory devices, this trend will provide an ambient experience to users in technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, multichannel human-machine interfaces, and sensing technologies.

Human augmentation

One of the controversial trends of human augmentation focuses on the use of technology that will enhance the cognitive and physical experiences for users. There are many complications and implications of human augmentation. Physical augmentation can improve the inherent physical capability with the use of implants within or on the body, which includes the use of wearables in the industries for work safety.

Transparency and traceability

As technology is improving, the users are having a trust crisis. The computer application, shopping stores, or any other customer service today demands less or more user information. The users are becoming more aware of how their personal data is being collected and used. It is developing a concern that is driving the need for processes such as explainable AI and AI governance. This trend is focused on providing the key elements of trust, such as integrity, accountability, openness, competence, and consistency.

Edge computing

The idea of edge computing is based on keeping the traffic local and distributed to reduce latency. This technology involves a topology at which the information processing, content collection, and content delivery are placed close to the information sources. Edge computing is benefiting the IoT sector to make the services easily accessible to the users. In the first few years of the upcoming decade, we can see many new smart devices that will solve individual and IT problems.

Edge computing

New age democracy

Tech democracy will provide users with easier access to technical or business expertise without extensive and expensive training. This trend will focus on application development, design, data and analytics, and knowledge. With AI and online platforms, people will be able to learn better. It will boost the growth of citizen data scientists, programmers, and several other tech engagements.

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